A School Bus Rolled Off Of The Road And Sent 29 Students To The Hospital. The Reactions Of Everyone Involved? Inspiring.

It was a normal Thursday afternoon when a bus driver over-corrected on a farm road, causing the bus to skid off of the road and roll several times. The bus came to a field just off of the road. The accident left 2 people in critical condition and 29 injured. The bus did not have seat belts. 

When emergency and volunteer personnel arrived on the scene, one volunteer witnessed something so incredible, he couldn’t wait to post about it on Facebook.


He spoke to each student and…just simply talked to them to keep their mind off of what was going on around them.”


I saw a lot of prayer today.”


The most touching scene was two girls, each strapped to backboards next to each other, and they were holding hands and praying.”4.4a3
Those with less serious injuries were comforting those with more serious injuries.”

I saw the best of humankind at the Woodville ISD school bus accident in Magnolia Springs today.”

4.4a4It all happened so fast, and everyone sustained an injury of sort. Some were more severe than others, but that didn’t stop anyone from caring for the injured students around them. In times of stress and chaos, it can be so easy to focus only on ourselves and ignore those around us. These high school students displayed the best behavior possible in the difficult time, and their story is quickly going vira! We can all learn a lesson from these brave kids.

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