A Sanitation Worker Saw A Trash Bag Moving! She Rescued This Tiny Puppy From Being Crushed!

Victoria was just doing her job, but many animal lovers are calling her a hero. She was tossing garbage bags into the back of her garbage truck on morning when she picked up a small black bag. It moved in her hand, and she knew that something was terribly wrong! She stopped everything and opened the bag, finding a small shih tzu puppy inside. The little dog was covered in her own filth, and her eyes were matted shut, her fur in hopeless tangles. Her nails were too long, proving that whomever had owned her was neglectful.8.15a1Victoria immediately took the dog to B.A.R.K., an animal shelter that would help the dog get back on its feet and make sure that it was healthy. The veterinarian’s cleaned her up, cut her nails, and gave her a good meal. They noted that although she had been neglected, she probably hadn’t been abused physically because she wasn’t afraid of the people that handled her and was happy to have the attention. They named her Vicky after the worker who found her.

The pure-bred shih tzu was fed and vaccinated, and put up for adoption shortly after her rescue. The police searched for the previous owner, but it is not confirmed if they were able to find them. It is illegal to abuse and discard animals, and the owners potentially faced criminal charges. 8.15a2If you ever find yourself unable to care for a pet, dropping them off at a shelter is the best way to leave them in another person’s care. Animals that are left on the side of the road meet harsh and cruel fates, like little Vicky almost did on that day.

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