A Proud Mother Captures This STUNNING Moment Between Her Daughter And A New Friend. It’s Beautiful!

Walking along the beach at sunset is a perfect way to spend the end of the day. The sound of the waves crashing, the feel of the soft sand underfoot, the smell of salt in the air, and if you’re lucky, the laughter of children will be there too. 

Ayanna Toye Barrows was walking along the beach with her young daughter when they were approached by a little boy around the same age. The two kids had an immediate connection…and their encounter has many wondering when we lost the ability just to see each other.


…all they saw was each other.”


The story of these two precious kids has gone viral with over 30,000 shares and climbing. Many people are nostalgic for the time when gaining a new friend was as easy as just saying “hi.” When something cool didn’t make you jealous, but made you excited for the other person. When saying goodbye could be just as exciting as saying hello – because life was so full of possibilities that seeing someone again probably meant playtime after school the next day.

It’s a quick snapshot into the life of a child, and it’s beautiful and elegant and exactly what life is all about. 🙂

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