A Princess Must Follow These 10 Rules – Most Of Us Would Fail After Number 1!

Dreaming of being a princess “when I grow up” was the hope of every little girl – but we had no idea that being a princess could come with some very strict rules.

It isn’t all fancy gowns and tiaras – its about representing an entire country and that country’s ideals…which means it comes with a large list of rules and standards to abide by! While some rules have been broken and bent along the way, many countries still hold their princesses up to incredibly high standards.

1.) Learn as many languages as possible

Being able to communicate in a visiting diplomat’s native language is a must, and learning as many languages as possible is a must for princesses everywhere.

2.) Stay groomed at all times

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, goes to a salon more than 3 times each week to keep her locks camera-ready at all times.

3.) Give up your right to vote

Well, in England, at least! The citizens of England think it is unconstitutional for royals to vote as they represent the entire country.

4.) Stay away from anything that might cause a “scandal”

Anything “fun,” basically!

5.) Abide by formalities at all times

Nicknames are a thing of the past, and staying polite even during times of stress is expected of a princess.

6.) Follow household rules

In England, for example, no one can continue eating once the queen has finished her plate.

7.) Attend all high society events

In order to meet a prince, make connections, and promote charities, attending prestigious schools, high-end galas, balls, and charity events is expected.

8.) Live for charity

Having a charity to support shows benevolence.

9.) Never hold office

To keep a country united, a princess mustn’t choose a side.

10.) Give up your career

In most countries, being a princess is already a full-time job!

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