A Pregnant Woman Tried To Defend A Disabled Employee… They Should Have Called The Cops!

When you’re having a bad day, where do you draw the line? Even if you’re in a stressful situation, it’s never alright to take it out on the people around you. But the thing about stress is that it can turn even the kindest soul into a screaming lunatic if they are pushed far enough. Becoming an adult means learning to control your anger when life doesn’t go exactly the way you planned it. Unfortunately, stepping back, taking a breath, and figuring out how to solve your problems without getting into a screaming match with a stranger is easier than it sounds for some people…

(I’m with my wife at one of the busiest fast food places in town, and they employ a young man with special needs who we both know and are very friendly with. We go there a few times a month, and the wait is usually not too long. Today, they were more busy than usual, so our food took about 15 minutes to be ready. An angry customer is tired of waiting, so he goes up the register where our friend with special needs is taking orders.)

Customer: “****, they’re taking so ****ing long with my food! Go see why it’s been 30 minutes already!”

(It hadn’t been nearly that long, but we figured that he’d just take his food and leave.)

Employee: “It’ll just a second, sir…I’ll go get it for you.”

Customer: “You’d better!”

(Not three minutes later, the employee comes with the customer’s food.)

Employee: “Here you go, sir.”

Customer: “Where’s the ****ing ranch?!”

Employee: “Right away, sir! They must have forgotten.”

Customer: “No, forget it! You’ll probably slobber all over it!”

(At this point, my wife decides that she has had enough of this guy’s attitude. He crossed the line when he insulted the kid – having a disability does’t warrant treatment like that!)

Wife: “Excuse me, sir, but this young man is doing his job. He’s not doing anything to hurt you. You need to calm down!”

Customer: “**** you, fat ***!”

Employee: “She’s a nice lady! There’s a baby inside her, and she’s not fat!”

Customer: “**** you!”

(He stormed out and knocked over a few chairs. He didn’t stop to fix them.)

Wife: “People are so mean to you, honey. I’m so sorry, I can’t believe he said that to you!”

Employee: *grinning* “Don’t worry about it, Jesus and my mama still love me!”

(Even after that entire ordeal, he kept smiling. Nothing seemed to phase this brave kid – even an irate man who let his anger get the best of him. I’ll never forget this day – and I’ll always leave a little extra in the tip jar when this kid is working the register.)

What a jerk! I will also wager that he has never had to work in a place that gets busy like this. It makes me wonder what his real problem was! People don’t normally lash out over their food taking more than 10 minutes to get served, or when someone forgets to toss a little packet of dressing into the bag. He must have been having a terrible day…but does that give him the excuse to be an inconsiderate crazy person? I don’t think so! Take a chill pill buddy! I desperately hope that he sees this story circulating the internet and apologizes. 

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