A Pilot Lets A Little Boy Into The Cockpit…But The Note He Received From The Kid’s Mom Has Them SHOCKED!

Have you ever had the opportunity to see inside of the cockpit of a plane? I never have, but I would imagine that it is an incredible array of buttons and switches and knobs and meters and a lot of little blinking lights. I can think also imagine that it would be even MORE spectacular at night! Picture the lights from the control panels, the lights from the cities below, and the clouds once you got high enough would probably reflect the moonlight. So when the pilot caught a little boy admiring the view, he did something incredible…

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Wow. Could these pilots have realized what an incredible gesture their kindness turned out to be. While I think Jim may have just been happy that he could help a suffering child in his last days (and for those delicious cookies), I think Chad was much more affected by the event. Chad will never forget this, and I hope that he has many days of helping those around him in the future. Inspiring.

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