A New Year’s Wreath That Takes 5 Minutes To Make. Seriously.

Most of us skip the wreath-making altogether because of how long it takes. It may be simple to make a holiday wreath using ornaments, but using hot glue – as quick as it is – takes hours that we’d honestly rather spend watching our favorite shows on Netflix.

So, what if we told you that this project will take you all of five minutes to create? It looks fantastic…but the secret is how absurdly simple the whole thing is.

The best part? You get to use all of those leftover holiday decorations after they go on sale. First, you’re going to want to use a foam wreath because you can just use pins to keep things in place. Go to the old holiday decorations section and pick up a few tinsel garlands. Silver is perfect for a New Year’s wreath, but most other colors work for this…just avoid red and green!

Wrap the tinsel tightly around the foam and use straight pins to stick the ends of the tinsel in place. Next, raid the Christmas decoration section and chose gold and silver ornaments and trimmings. Bundle them all together and pin those in place, too. Some of the decorations, she cut in half, and some she just layered on top of the others until it looked like a giant firework hanging from her front door. You can find out more about her methods here! The final product is up to you.

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