A NASTY Woman Insults This Mother’s Character…But This Mom Gets The Last Laugh With The BEST Comeback EVER!

If someone said this to you, what would YOU have done?! I might not have handled this situation like this young mom, to be honest. When someone judges you, they are revealing something about themselves, not you. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that the people spewing their rude opinions in public might have never learned any better. Is it really so bad if we help them to further their education? In this case, this rude woman found herself in a very tight spot after making this snide comment in the store. I hope that she learned her lesson! This conversation is GOLD!


OH SNAP! What did you think about this clever mom’s retort? She used this woman’s “apology” tactics to fire back what just might be the BEST comeback of ALL time!

I understand that this snippy woman was trying to make a point to her teenage daughter about how hard it is to raise a child as a single mom instead of waiting until you’re a little more settled in life, but she went about it in the worst possible way! What this woman needed was a lesson in courtesy, and thankfully this quick-witted mom was able to give her that dose of reality that she deserved!

How would YOU have responded if someone treated you this way in public?!

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