A Mother Received A CHILLING Phone Call At Midnight…She Will Never Look At Her Daughter The Same AGAIN!

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before, and maybe you haven’t. But it can be one of the most terrifying things of all: a phone call in the dead of night. Just before you answer the call, a thousand and one scenarios race through your head before you can stop them. Is someone in the hospital? Has there been an accident? What’s wrong?! And all of the doubts hit you like a freight train.

For this mom, her heart hit the floor when she answered the phone, and I don’t blame her for a second.

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This is exactly why my parents had one rule: do not call after 9pm unless something was wrong. “No news is good news,” my mother used to repeat like a mantra whenever we would start worrying about anything.

It started one night when I was out with friends. We had been hanging out at a park on a Saturday night, and someone wanted to have a spontaneous sleep over at a friends house. It was nearing 10pm and I knew my parents would worry if I didn’t ring the house. I called them, told them the plan, and they went to bed.

Well, at around midnight, we decided to go to another friend’s house instead. I called them…and got the scolding of a lifetime! My crime? Scaring them awake! Thus, the rule was born.

Being a good parent means listening to your child as well as guiding them in the best way that you can. I think the parents from this story are doing a great job.

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