A Mother Goose Chased Down A Police Officer In Order To Save Her Baby Gosling!

Sergeant James Givens was sitting in his patrol car one day when he heard a strange tapping sound on his squad car door. He looked out and saw a goose. The first thought in his mind? “Maybe it’s hungry.” He didn’t have any food in the car, so he ignored it. But the bird kept at it and wouldn’t stop.

Finally, the bird started to walk away, but kept looking back, as if to say “follow me.” Sergeant Givens just had a gut feeling…and in the force, you always follow your gut! He exited the car and was followed by Specialist Charron. They walked a ways with the goose, who kept looking back at them to be sure they were following.5.10a4

What they found was surprising! The goose turned out to be a mother goose, and her little goslings were huddled around one of their own. One lone gosling was tied up in a string. The string was tied to a deflated Mother’s Day balloon among other trash and garbage, and the little bird had gotten tangled in the string.

Specialist Charron called SPCA for help, but no one was available to come out and assist the little bird. Specialist Charron decided to try and untangle the tiny bird and approached slowly. 5.10a5

Instead of attacking, like they expected, the mother just watched her with a careful eye, but refrained from getting in the way. It took a while, but the bird was eventually untangled and released! Sergeant Givens got this picture on his phone, and the little bird was happy to be reunited with its family!

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