A Mother And Daughter Are Reunited…And Discover They Have Been Co-Workers All Along!

These two women worked in a local department store. Wendy Novak worked in customer service, and Heather Swenson managed a cosmetics counter. They knew of each other and had passed a few times during their employment, but it never occurred to the women that they might be related.

In 1980, Novak gave up a little baby girl for adoption. It had been 36 years, and she wasn’t sure if she would ever find out what had happened to the child. She had given birth at 19, but realized that she couldn’t give the little baby, whom she had named Jessica, the life that she deserved. She kept her contact information current in the adoption file, and hoped that one day they two might meet again.

Once she started the paperwork to find out what the adoption company knew, she discovered that her long-lost daughter had submitted that same paperwork and wanted to learn about her birth mother!


The pair exchanged emails and photos…and that is when they learned that they had lived in the same community for 30 years, and had even worked in the same department store! The two decided to meet for Swenson’s birthday, and Novak’s other children were excited to meet their half-sister. They had celebrated the day all of their lives, knowing that they had a sister, but not knowing who she was.

After 36 years, they finally met! It was a family reunion like no other. Swenson’s adoptive parents were there, and Novak’s family attended as well to meet their new sister, daughter, grand-daughter, and niece! Everyone got along in a very special way, and they were grateful that they had a beautiful experience that they would be able to treasure for the rest of their lives!

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