A Mom Gets Pulled Over With Her Toddler In The Backseat. This Cop Stunned Her With His Service!

Traffic stops. Don’t worry, I know how you feel, I heard your groaning from here! We know how to drive. We know to stop at stop signs and yield on right turns and use our blinker when merging lanes and to follow the speed limits. Sometimes, we just…don’t. It could be because we’re running late or got distracted for “just one second, I swear,” but a cop doesn’t care one bit. He saw you break that law and pulled you over to give out a ticket, plain and simple. We know it happens to be their job to do it…but we all wish that they could just lighten up, “just this once!” Well, when Courtney Gross was pulled over because her registration stickers were overdue, she knew she was looking at a lot of tickets, and probably having her car towed on top of it all! But then, she never expected thisĀ cop to be the one to pull her over!


I really couldn’t believe how cool he was and how he really made my son’s night.”2.23a5

Courtney wanted to share this photo to help out the image that policemen have in her area. She wanted to show her son that it’s not right to break the law, and when you do, you need to cooperate, pay your fines, and move on. She taught her son about respect that night, and she was thankful that it was THIS officer who pulled her over, and not someone who would have wanted to abuse the power of the badge.

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