A Mare Lay On The Side Of The Road And Wild Ponies Stood Guard In Respect

A heartbreaking photo has spread across the internet and comes with a powerful message: “slow down”.

In the New Forest National Park in England, a terrible tragedy happened when a 9-year-old mare was struck and killed by a speeding motorist. The mare was left on the side of the road as the rest of the ponies stood guard. As if in mourning, the ponies stood looking on in her direction and waited in silence.

A woman named Sarah snapped this picture when she realized what had happened. The pony was killed because someone hadn’t respected the forest road during the night, probably not seeing the mare until it was too late to slow down.

Slow down day and night on forest roads,” she writes. “These ponies have more rights to these roads than you do.”

The post was heartbreaking, but people were glad to be able to spread the message.

Being careful on the roads shouldn’t be news to any drivers, but for some reason, things like this happen all of the time. Irresponsible people making poor choices leads to accidents that could been avoided. Maybe there was more to this story than meets the eye, but the amount of people who have seen things like this first hand is just too high. 🙁

Rest in peace, little pony.

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