A Man Goes To The Superbowl But WASTES 1 Ticket! The Guy Sitting Next To Him Can’t Believe His Explanation…

Put yourself in this guy’s shoes for a second. He’s got two tickets on the 50 yard line for the Super Bowl. That is not only impressive, that is expensive! It also means that this guy has some of the best seats available for the biggest sports event of the year – there are only a handful of reasons why a sports fan would miss a game as big as this with tickets as amazing as these…and it turns out that DEATH isn’t even one of them!!


Seriously, can you believe this guy? I mean I get it, the biggest game of the year has tickets that will run you thousands of dollars…and that doesn’t even include the price of travel, hotels, and other expenses! Going to the Super Bowl is a BIG deal, and missing it can be an even BIGGER deal to some people. I’m just not too sure how his wife would have felt about this! Maybe she was a sports fan, too? Who knows! All I know is that he’s probably going to have some explaining to do once they meet up in the afterlife! Yikes!

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