A Man From Texas Filled A Giant Tube With Water To Fend Off A Flood. It Actually WORKED!

Using water to fend off water? It sounds crazy, but Randy Wagner proved that it was the smartest thing anyone could have done after learning about a mandatory evacuation in his county. The thought of his family being relocated was just too much, so he went on the internet to see if he could find a solution.

He stumbled across a thing called an “Aqua Dam,” and realized that it might be just the thing to save his home from damage and his property from the flood waters. He drove to Louisiana in order to purchase one. It is 400 feet long and 30 inches high. 

Wagner enlisted the help of two others and filled the tubes with water. They are made of a woven polypropylene mesh that conforms to the ground and creates a seal, like sandbags used against flooding.

The weight of the water inside of the tube kept it firmly on the ground, and when the flood waters rose to 2 feet high, his property remained dry. He paid $8,300 for the tube and the water he filled it with, but it far outweighs the damages the property could have sustained. They estimated that the property would have easily taken over $150,000 to repair if the waters had entered the home and ruined the land.

I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kind going by, laughing at me. But today they are really impressed with this Aqua Dam.”

The product predicts that it can hold back 24 inches of water, and in reality, it held back 27 inches instead. There were a few leaks here and there where the mud became too soft, but overall, you can see the impressive protection that it gave this home!

He hopes that emergency services will consider utilizing this product in the future.

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