A Man From Africa Friended Her Dad Because They Had The Same Name…Now They Are Real Friends!

Have you ever searched for yourself online? A man from Sierra Leone must have done just that, because Anthony Freeman, a man from England, received a friend request from someone with his exact name!On October 30th, 2016, a man named Anthony Freeman, from Sierra Leone, messaged Anthony Freeman, from England,¬†with a simple “Hello namesake” to which the latter responded “Yes what a good name you have my friend.” They have been friends ever since.
Their friendly chats cover everything from the weather to political unrest, with a bit of holiday cheer tossed in! They message one another every now and then, but when Holly Freeman realized that her dad had been chatting with an African man with the same name, she couldn’t get enough of it!

She took pictures of their conversations and shared them on Twitter with her friends…
And the story went VIRAL! Thousands of people retweeted the pictures and had a good laugh. Many people took to Facebook themselves to see if anyone else had their very same name. Surprisingly, Facebook makes it easy to see how many people have the same names as each other, and it sparked funny interest! Others have taken the idea seriously and messaged their own namesakes to see if they might become friends, too.

Would you message a random person with your same name? In this case, it turned out to be a pretty cool thing!

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