A Man Fell Off Of His Roof While Making Repairs. The First Responders Stayed Behind To Help Finish The Job After He Died At The Hospital.

He was attempting to repair his roof one afternoon around 3:30pm, when tragically, he slipped off and fell to the ground. At 67 years of age, he was gone. The firefighters and paramedics responded quickly, and EMTs rushed him to be treated for his injuries. Sadly, he died at the hospital and left the roof unfinished. 5.6a6

The rescue team looked at the home and realized that it wasn’t done. The way it had been left, rain or bad weather could do some serious damage, and the family most likely wouldn’t be able to fix it or hire someone to fix it before the roof got even worse. They drove back to finish the job.

They asked the family if it was alright for them to finish the job, and were given permission to finish what the man had started. Neighbors realized what was happening and came out to help in whatever ways that they could. Everyone pitched in, and the group was able to finish the roof quickly. By 9pm, the roof was completed and the yard had been cleaned.

Every time we go on a call to a citizen in our community, that’s their worst day…we need to try to make that day better for them,” Michael Currier, the Fire Chief said about the incident.5.6a7

The rescuers who gave up their evening to help the family will be honored at the annual awards ceremony that the department holds.

This story reminds us to consider safety at all times. This man was only thinking about fixing the roof. He didn’t plan to fall off, and he certainly didn’t plan to die from the injuries. The actions of these kind people certainly helped to ease their suffering just a bit, but it serves as a reminder that life is short and precious, and that we shouldn’t waste a single day of it.

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