A Man Called Her A B**** For Not Responding To His Advances! A Little Kid Steps In And Says THIS! WOW!

Alright, I will be the first to admit that sometimes, kids just SHOCK me. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes when they say something that no one expects them to say, I wonder how they knew to say it. Maybe it’s because they’re so small. They are young. They are inexperienced. They haven’t been alive long enough to learn as much as we have. And yet sometimes they open their mouths and leave everyone wondering if we have been dead wrong about how children learn for our entire lives. This kid is amazing.


WOW. Are you as impressed as I am?! Most kids wouldn’t have even recognized that there was a confrontation going on, and even then, they wouldn’t have known that this strange woman was about to start a fight with this man. Little James not only realized that the man was acting in a way that “wasn’t nice,” he also saw what was about to happen and stopped the situation in its tracks! I have high hopes for little James! His mama must be one amazing lady to have raised such a fantastic kid, too! I’m jealous of his little sister. She’s got the best big brother in the entire world!

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