A Man Buys ALL The Food From This Closing Pet Store And Donates Everything To Animal Shelters!

What would you do if you have $3,000 just lying around? If your name is Sean Squires, you might have a curious answer to that question.

Petculture in St. John’s was closing down, but due to company policies and liability issues, they weren’t able to donate any of the food left unsold. It was already at an 80% markdown, but the employees were nervous. They honestly thought that they would have to throw away and destroy any leftover items.

But one Sunday morning, three minutes after unlocking the front door, Squires walks in on a mission. He tells the clerk that he wants to buy it all. She was in shock, but was glad to ring up every last bag of food in the store.

A staff person holds up Squires’ receipt. A local newspaper called him about the event, and he was surprised to hear from them.

I thought is was the normal thing to do.” He said.

For ten years, Squires had lived in Qatar, where helping stray animals was commonplace. Everyone did it, and it wasn’t a big deal. With nine stray cats at home, he is used to caring for animals.

I’m not even a “cat person,” to be honest, but they’re really beautiful, so you can’t not help them.”

He realizes that not everyone can spend so much money helping the local shelters, but he was able to donate it all and he knew that the animals needed the help. So, why not? We all may not be able to spend thousands of dollars helping the poor, but we do what we can. But for┬ásome people, “what I can do” is outright impressive.

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