A Love-Sick Teen Posted A Picture Of His Girlfriend In A TOWEL On Facebook, And It’s No Wonder Why It Went VIRAL! Unfortunately…

The scary thing about the internet is that once you post something, it is there forever. People are still learning this lesson the hard way. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with speaking your mind online or sharing your beliefs with others. “Liking” your favorite sports team, commenting on a musician’s newest song, or wishing your niece happy birthday are all common things that are made easier with social media! But what happens when you post something personal…and it doesn’t go the way you’ve planned? If the rumors can be believed, that’s (possibly) exactly what happened to a guy named Baylen.

1.18b1…because I know at the end of the day I’ll be able to lay down next to her and all that stress and worry will go away.”1.18b2

Yes, this was adorable. It was full of love and hope and the promise of a bright and beautiful future! And it spread like wildfire. Gaining over 300,000 likes and shares in just 2 days, the post was unstoppable! …Until a few nasty people found out some personal details about the couple that turned all of those likes and shares into hate. The couple broke up (whether because of the Facebook post or because of the huge amount of attention, we may never know) and their profiles are now private.

The post was removed and the picture deleted, but it has already been shared by hundreds of thousands of people. It’s here to stay, immortalized on many other blogs and accounts as a sort of testament to young love. 

The best part about growing up is “hoping.” Working towards a dream, finding a person who will be there with you every step of the way, and love you for you – that’s what growing up is all about. Maybe this wasn’t Baylen’s “dream girl” afterall, but someday, one lucky person will have all of that devotion, and we can all admit that we’re a little jealous after reading that sweet message. That’s a lot of love!


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