A Lost Child Seeks Help From A “GI Joe,” But His Parents Have The Most RIDICULOUS Reaction To Finding Their Son! I Can’t Believe Them!

What is your first reaction when you find a lost child? I’ve only encountered a few, but I always took them to the front of the store or the customer service counter and had the staff make an announcement that a child had been found. What would I do in a crowded airport? Most likely I would do the same thing. Go up to the nearest desk and have someone make an announcement and stay until the child confirmed who their parents were. It can get stressful if the child is crying and afraid of strangers, but maybe it was only easier because I am a woman and a mother. This man encountered a lost child and tried to do the right thing, but the backlash he received is OUTRAGEOUS.


As much as I want to blame those parents for reacting like crazy people, I can understand that they were also just scared out of their minds. If I lost one of my children in a busy airport, I would be hysterical. Did they overreact by accusing him of something terrible for no reason? Yes, I believe they did. But I can also understand that they jumped to conclusions without thinking straight because of their terror at the prospect of losing their child forever. What do you think about this?

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