A Little Boy Got A Serious Eye Injury And Needed Surgery! His Mother Couldn’t Believe What This Nurse DID!

Let’s just admit it: going to the doctor was scary as a kid! That’s where the needles were! It didn’t matter if mom was taking us in because we were sick with a cold or had some injury that needed to be looked at. I was always terrified that I would be getting a shot – even when everyone said that I wouldn’t be getting one! When you’re 7 years old, the fear of shots from the doctor’s office is real.

Sadly, for this little boy, his fears were quite a bit more terrifying than just one small injection!


This poor kid was afraid that he wouldn’t wake up after the surgery! The injuries to his eye were severe enough that he would need to undergo anesthesia, or at least a very strong sedative for the operation. Unfortunately, to a 7 year old, that can be even scarier than a needle! This nurse went out of her way to make her patient feel safe and loved, even when she didn’t need to!

Nurses really are amazing. They do so much for their patients that the families might not notice or even be aware of, but these amazing people truly do care about each and every patient. The next time you find yourself in need of a nurse, make sure to thank them for the wonderful job they are doing! They really do deserve it!

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