A Lawyer Asked His Witness A Very Simple Question…But She SHOCKED The Courtroom When She Decided To Tell The Truth!

When it comes to court cases in a small town, things can get really messy really quickly. Everybody knows everything, and most people know a lot more than they probably should. When you grow up in a small town, you get know a lot about the people who live there – even if you aren’t trying to! Gossip is almost as good as currency in some communities, and when you live to be as old as this grandma, you end up richer than everyone combined! These lawyers got more than they bargained for when they called her up to the stand. In fact, they got SO much more, that the judge had to step in and intervene!10.30g

Goodness! It sounds like this judge has some deep, dark secrets to keep, too, and this grandma probably knows about all of them! I can definitely see this as a hilarious twist in the case, swaying the jury to start judging the lawyers instead of the accused! Can you imagine what this grandma has to say about their oh-so-honorable judge?! It’s too funny. Someone needs to turn this into an episode as soon as possible! I would watch it. I wonder what this judge is hiding…

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