A Kitten Meowed In Pain From Under Their Garbage Can! His Story Is Inspiring!

After a stormy, freezing night one August, this family had no idea how their life would quickly change. There was snow on the ground the next morning as the family was getting ready to leave for church, and as dad was locking the door to the house, his five-year-old started shouting from her car seat. She saw a cat!

That’s when dad noticed a tiny cry of pain from nearby.

He investigated until he realized that the sound was coming from underneath the garbage can. The kitten was starving, shivering, and had infected paws; maggots and sores must have caused the mother to abandon it…but he took pity on the creature. He placed a towel in the bathtub and left the kitten to warm up until the family came back from church.

They named him Oscar.

We took the kitten to a vet the next day and received antibiotics for his infected paws. I had already killed off any remaining maggots by bathing his feet in saltwater which probably hurt a lot. For the first week or so he just rested on a towel that we nested in a box, leaning out to gnaw at some soft food. Although the infection and maggots are now history, one of his paws has pads that appear to be fused by scar tissue, and a claw appears to be permanently missing.”

The healing process took several weeks, but he grew to be loved by the family and learned to trust again. The family had never considered getting a pet due to allergies…but as they nursed Oscar, they realized that for some reason, no one was allergic to him!Now, Oscar is fully grown and loves to visit the neighbors and spend time outdoors. This lovable kitten may have died if it weren’t for the patience of this kind family!

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