A Kid Asks Him For Directions While Walking In The Ice And Snow…What He Learns Next Is SO Inspiring!

One of my favorite things about social media is the fact that GOOD stories can get shared so much faster with just the simple click of a mouse! This guy was outside for his job when he met a remarkable kid who was doing his best to succeed in life. Sometimes, it can be hard to catch a break, and when the weather is this bad, it can be even harder to follow through with the things that you need to get done. This account of one kid’s determination and┬áperseverance is incredible, and it is no wonder that the story was shared over 6,000 times!


It is impossible to judge someone by their outward appearance. For all this man knew, a kid was just taking a short-cut through a crowded parking garage. If the kid hadn’t asked for directions, he would have never given him a second thought and continued about his day. It makes us think. How many people do we pass on the street everyday who are working just as hard as this kid to get ahead in life? People have their own personal goals and aspirations, but that doesn’t mean they always talk about them or ask for help when they need it. I’m glad this man could step in for this young kid and give him the leg up in life that he deserves!

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