A Jock Was Suspended And A Girl Was Humiliated In A High School Classroom After A Teacher Did THIS! I’m Outraged!!

It’s a shame when kids have more integrity than the teachers put in charge of them. We put a lot of trust into our children’s education and in the faculty who instruct them. We expect a certain standard to be met. We expect our children to be treated with respect and dignity while they receive their education, and when that doesn’t happen, stories like this pop up, and it makes everyone angry! I can’t believe that this happened!


This teacher definitely needs more sensitivity training! This student’s account of what happened doesn’t explain why the teacher decided to call security on the students, or what ended up happening afterwards except that the “jock” in the story was suspended for a few days. I would hope that this teacher would be reprimanded, but I can’t be sure. I would be irate if some teacher treated my daughter in such a manner, especially after she was forced to admit what her emergency was in front of the class!

What would you have done if this happened to you in school? What would you parents have done? Even though he was suspended, I this student deserves a standing ovations for supporting his classmate! He’ll go far in life, I’m sure of it!

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