A Hot Tub Drain Nearly Took Her Son’s Life. Here Is What She Wants You To Know.

Swimming, bbq’s, cold lemonade, and time spent with family and friends are usually what we think of when someone mentions “summertime.” But one mom is begging parents to be more vigilant to the dangers associated with seemingly harmless summer activities after a horrifying experience in a hot tub.6.23a13

Lucinda was relaxing in a hot tub with her 5-year-old son, Sam, when things took a scary turn for the worse. He was suddenly sucked under the water by his torso. She immediately tried to pull him up, thinking that he had lost his balance and fallen to the bottom. What she didn’t expect was to be completely helpless. It was like trying to pull up a lump of concrete.

I could see his blue and white shorts under the bubbles and put my arm down to help him up.”

She thought she was imagining things, but her instincts kicked in and she screamed for help, realizing that the situation was beyond her control.

Sam’s father and great uncle rushed over and tried to pull him up, but together, they couldn’t do it, either.

Lucinda thought that maybe his foot was stuck but it was hard to see past all of the bubbles. Once she saw that the two men weren’t able to pull a 5-year-old out of the water using all of their strength, she realized that he was being sucked under by the drain and cut off the power. The men weren’t able to pull against the suction and all of the water, but once the pumps stopped, Sam was pulled out of the water. 6.23a12

Sam’s great uncle is a doctor and was able to immediately revive the boy. The marks on his body remind her everyday how dangerous hot tubs can be.

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