A Homeless Woman Started Begging For Leftovers INSIDE Of A Restaurant…The Patrons Were DISGUSTED Until This Woman Changed Everything!

When I am sitting down for dinner, the last thing that I want is someone interrupting my meal and asking if they can eat my leftovers. It would be even more awkward if they were homeless and hadn’t showered in weeks.

There is a stigma in our society that the homeless are all “lazy, drug addicted, or mentally ill.” The truth is that a good majority of them have simply fallen on bad luck and are struggling to find their feet again. Even with the help of shelters and assistance programs, many people can fall through the cracks or finding themselves unable to qualify for these benefits for various reasons.

In this woman’s case, she was just searching for her next hot meal…


I have been looking at this all wrong. How could I be offended if someone interrupted my meal to ask for my leftovers? What if it were me, and I was so hungry that I had no choice but to beg for leftovers from patrons at a restaurant? How far must I have fallen, and how embarrassing would it be to evenĀ thinkĀ about having to ask for someone’s scraps?

This story is a huge wake-up call that we all need to take to heart!

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