A Homeless Man Walked Into This Restaurant. A Bystander Witnessed These Actions By The Staff!

Scott G. was working in another city and needed to stop somewhere to grab lunch. There was a fast food restaurant nearby and he thought he would escape the hot weather and eat inside. While he was eating his meal, a man walked in and asked for a cup of water. The man sat down to enjoy the air conditioning and drink his water…when the manager told his employee something that Scott didn’t expect.

The worker walked out with a tray of food and set it down in front of the man with a big smile on her face.

I try not to judge a book by its cover but, he looked like he had no money and was probably very hungry. He sat down and started eating.’I got up to refill my coke and told the kind lady just how cool that was and thank you.” Scott wrote.

The location in Texas has been flooded with ‘thank you’s’ and praise from locals and thousands of strangers on the internet are proud that the eatery is looking out for its homeless members who may be having an even harder time getting through each day thanks to the intense heat in the summer.

Many places will turn the homeless away, and while they are required by law to give them water if asked, they aren’t required to let them enjoy the air conditioning…much less provide them with a nice, hot meal like this one did! 🙂

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