A Homeless Man From Sacramento, California Is Sitting Outside Of A Grocery Store…But He’s NOT Begging For Money!

Social media has grown so much more than people ever thought it would. Sure, seeing what your friends are up to is great. It saves the time of a phone call, and cuts out the hassle of mailing pictures to one another. It also does something totally magical that I don’t think anyone predicted. 

When people band together, truly great things can happen.

This was posted on a Thursday night by a concerned guy who just wanted to help out a homeless man who was obviously trying to climb out of the difficult situation he had gotten into.


…he had MULTIPLE resumes printed out and enveloped.”


Predictably, a local news station got hold of the story and it started spreading like crazy! People shared the story more and more, and just 7 days later, he had been offered a job.

He was quoted having said that he was…

…ecstatic and grateful for the opportunity to work as a cook at a downtown restaurant called Pizza Rock”

Sure, he probably would have eventually gotten a job. But a 1 week time frame is incredible! It’s the power of social media (and good-willed people) at work! He didn’t want handouts. He didn’t want cash. He wanted help to help himself.

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