A Homeless Man Begged For A Meal. Five Years Later, They Are Best Friends!

Others who saw Jimmy on the street didn’t give him much more than a second glance. He suffered from a brain injury that was off-putting to many. As time wore on Jimmy begged for food just to make it through each day, surviving on the kindness of strangers wherever he could find it. But one day, he asked for food from the owner of a body shop, and his life was never the same since.

This is Jimmy. He came into my body shop 5 years ago begging for a sandwich and a pop. I came back from vacation and he’s the first person I saw at my door. I got involved and became his legal guardian because he has a brain injury. A week later I moved him in with me and the rest is history.

I was a selfish 37-year-old single guy who rode Harleys and did whatever I wanted. He changed my whole outlook on life and how I lived. He’s the purest person one can ever hope to meet in this world.

Last July it was discovered he had stage 4 rectal cancer. It had spread into his liver and was by his spine and kidneys….I chose to bring him home and plan out our lives and enjoy the simple things. I met a gal and we are expecting a baby girl, I got some property in the woods and got a camper for it. I turned an ambulance into a camper and headed west. Jimmy had a bed, tv, coffee pot and all the food he could eat in that squad. We went to New Mexico and got a truck, came up into Denver and got another one.

We go on many adventures together to drag home junk we find on Craigslist and Facebook to fix and re-sell. We meet great people and we share our story. Jimmy has gone downhill pretty fast and hurts all the time even with hospice care, but he never stops smiling. I know life is a gift and I thank God that he gave me Jimmy. He is a blessing in so many ways and he gave me a purpose in life. I help others now, and try to work less and enjoy life’s little blessings. He would love all of you and your amazing vehicles; that’s what he lives for. So today if you can please offer a prayer for him to be at peace and know that he is loved very much. Life is a gift and we all will be gone one day. I want him known by everyone for being an amazing man. So if you ever see a freightliner ambulance in the hammer lane hauling old trucks, you will know it’s me and Jimmy dragging home another old truck to fix and sell to fund our next adventure.”

It took courage to actively become involved in Jimmy’s life. Caring for a family member with disabilities is hard enough, but coming to the aid of a complete stranger in need of help is too much for many people. This man answered the call and took on a difficult journey…but he learned so much along the way. It changed his life to welcome Jimmy into his life, and he hopes that by sharing his story, others will be able to help their own communities in much the same way. 

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