A Guy Snapped This Picture Of A Server In Georgia Helping A Customer. The Reason Why Is Incredible!

22-year-old Alex Ruiz discovered this disabled man sitting in his section one Sunday afternoon and couldn’t help himself when he realized what was going on. You see, while many would have left the man to his own devices, Ruiz sat down with him. The man had no hands.


Ruiz spent 30 minutes feeding the man who was unable to eat by himself. He never lost his patience and he was incredibly kind to the customer. His manager wasn’t surprised when the picture went viral because that is just the kind of guy Ruiz is on a daily basis.

A regular customer sitting a few tables over took this picture when he realized what the server was doing for the man, and was glad that the photo went viral.

So I’m at Cinco de Mayo and Alex (server) had a man come in with no hands. So Alex is now helping the man eat his lunch. This seriously hit me right in the soul. Still good ppl in the world”

And we have to agree. It wasn’t a grand display that drew attention. He didn’t do it for the recognition. Alex Ruiz sat down with a fellow human in need and did what he could to lessen their burden. He definitely deserves all of the respect for his incredibly kind and helpful actions that day! (And if his manager happens to read this, maybe even a promotion!)

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