A Grumpy Person Wants These Kids To Stop Playing Outside And Call The Police. The Police Don’t Care One Bit!

In the parking lot of a tractor equipment company, a group of children meet up often to play soccer. It’s an informal game that mostly revolves around stealing the soccer ball from one another and trying to do cool tricks. But one person who lives nearby seems to have some sort of crazy vendetta towards fun and keeps calling the cops on the kids. The kids play soccer in the grass of the parking lot, but this person thinks that the lot shouldn’t be used by the kids – “it’s not for playing.” The employees of the company disagree…and so do the police!

The police have received so many phone calls from this same person, that they have started to join in with the kids every time they get the call. The children don’t have a place to play, and the nearest park is several miles away. That is just too far from their homes.

Please stop calling the police telling us to tell children to stop playing outside. This will be the result every time.”

They refuse to tell children to stop playing and to go inside, like the caller seems to think is appropriate. I’d imagine a dimly lit room, a lonely old grump with one hand on a crooked cane and one hand on the phone, just waiting to call the cops at the first sign of fun…but that’s just me.

The police from Birmingham, Alabama don’t mind taking a little time out of their day to try and play with the kids when they aren’t on a call. They remind the kids to stay in school and out of trouble. And they really hope that nosy neighbor stops calling in to ruin the game!

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