A Grown Woman Opened Her Lunch…And Found THIS From Mom! Too Sweet!

Who remembers those “lunch notes” that used to be shoved into our lunch boxes? Or in my case, brown paper bags! Moms would draw on the paper and write a cute message saying how much she cared about us. Of course, none of us really appreciated these little notes until she stopped writing them. The kids who bought their lunch from the cafeteria might not have been able to get these kinds of notes, either. But finding them tucked away in old school bags is a special feeling and brings up a lot of special memories. 🙂 

My mom made me a lunch today out of the kindness of her heart and I found this note inside. I love you too, mom.


Remember when I put notes in your lunchbox? Moms do that because they want their kids to feel loved when they aren’t around. Even though you are SO BIG I feel the same way. I love you wherever you are <3



What I wouldn’t give to get another sweet note from mom! If you haven’t yet today, call your mom and let her know that you appreciate her! If you can’t, take a moment to remember the good times. These notes can be so nostalgic! If you have kids of your own, leave them a note in a place they won’t expect! 

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