A Group Of Students 3D Printed A Frozen-Themed Prosthetic For A Hopeful Young Girl Without A Hand!

Karissa Mitchell was born without her right hand and most of her wrist. While it has never held her back in life, her parents wanted her to be able to experience life fully, and that included a prosthetic hand. They had heard about a team that created an Iron Man prosthetic the year before and wondered if the team would be willing to make a similar model for their daughter. They told the team of students at Siena College that Karissa’s favorite movie was “Frozen,” and after 6 months of research, they found the perfect way to construct a working prosthetic with a Frozen theme.6.29a5

It took 30 hours to print each piece of the prosthetic on the 3D printer, and only 2 hours for students to assemble all of the parts. It was time to see if all of that research, testing, and printing had succeeded, and Karissa waited excitedly with her family.

Karissa watched eagerly as the arm was attached to her body, and after only a few quick instructions, was soon using it to pick up a stuffed Olaf doll – one of her favorite characters from the movie.6.29a6

I like how Elsa has magic powers, and she’s different from everybody.” Karissa identifies with the Disney queen because she knows what it is like to be different.

The arm is ice blue and looks as if it really was “frozen” by magic. Cosmetic “cracks” in the ice form snowflakes and a glittery sheen make this arm a true wonder, and they even attached a movable light to the wrist. It has Karissa’s name on it, too! They really thought of everything!

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