A Grieving Widow Received A Gift…And Has Pinterest To Thank For The Idea!

The afternoon is a source of unease for a lot of people. It’s nearing the end of the day, we get tired and cranky, and as the sun sets, it can be easy to feel just a little bit “down.” Babies and children find it hard to nap and often become cranky, and if you’re dealing with grief, the end of the day makes coming home to an empty house that much harder. What is it about the evenings that can make us feel…off?

For Joyce Beckett, the evenings were a source of anxiety and sadness after her husband of 70 years passed away. She had moved to a Senior home just 3 years prior with her husband…but after he died, she couldn’t cope with the end of the day.

She just wanted someone to hold her hand. She needed comfort. She needed help.

That’s when Chris Rayatt decided to find a way to help Joyce feel just a little better about her new life at the home. He took to the internet and quickly found himself on Pinterest, a website dedicated to all things crafty and unique!

He found this idea for a pillow…using one of Joyce’s husband’s old shirts.


Chris: Joyce do you know where John is today?

Joyce: Yes he’s in Heaven

Chris: Well I have made you something to remember John and whenever you want to give him a cuddle or have a chat to him you can use this…”


Chris contacted her family and made the shirt within just one night! He was desperate to help Joyce, and by adding something personal to her evenings, she could have a kind reminder of the husband she loved for 70 years! This is a sweet idea, and I hope that more people will do this for their loved ones in the future. It’s perfect!

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