A Few Moments Into Their Walk, Her Dog STOPPED And Wouldn’t Move. The Vet Discovered THIS!

Too many pet owners aren’t aware of circumstances that can injure their furry friends, and because one owner didn’t realize this about their daily walks, his dog is at risk for infection. The photo below may be very difficult to look at, but if you own a pet, you need to be aware that this might happen to you!

A daily walk (or three) is great for dogs. They love to get out of the house and smell around their neighborhood, and we trust that their fur will keep the warm in the winter and their panting will keep them cool in the summer…but we might not realize that they sometimes need a little bit of help.

Asphalt can be a lot hotter than a sidewalk, and different textures are more abrasive than others. Combining intense heat with rough surfaces can cause a dog’s paws to literally tear off.

If this owner hadn’t realized that the dog was in pain, these paws could have easily been infected since they are open wounds. In fact, until the paws completely heal over, this pooch is still susceptible to infections.

The general rule that everyone agrees on? Go outside and put the back of your hand against the concrete. If you can hold it there for 5 seconds without it being too hot, it’s fine for a dog. If it burns, it’s too hot and that walk will just have to wait. Some people put shoes on their pups, and some use paw wax.

Pay attention and spread the word! Too many owners don’t realize the dangers of a hot sidewalk!

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