A Fall Decor Idea That Will Impress Your Guests! Using Apples And Tea Lights, Her Lighting Was Complete!

The cold weather changes everything! We dress more comfortably, light fires in the evening, brew warm drinks, and decorate to make our homes feel “cozy.” While it may be too early to hang up twinkling lights or decorate a tree, it’s never too early to celebrate autumn! One woman had a fun idea and used some leftover apples to create a truly magical way to light up her home.

The first step is to choose firm apples because they will last longer. Then, place the apples on a flat surface and balance the tea lights on top. Trace around the bottome of the tea light so that it will be level and mark the outline with a marker. Carve out the space and remove enough of the apple so that the tea light will fit snugly.11-9a14An important step is to brush the apple with lemon juice! This will help preserve the apple for a longer period of time and prevent the apple from turning brown and ruining the decoration.
11-9a15Then, just stick the tea lights inside of the cored apples and set them out in the evening! How beautiful!11-9a16Her tea light apples lasted an entire week before she needed to throw them out. This is the perfect decoration for long holidays as they will last quite some time! You can use red apples or yellow apples, but she used the firmest apples available…they just happened to be green! You can see more detailed instructions here!


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