A Dying Boy’s Last Wish Changes The Lives Of EVERYONE, Not Just His Own! This Is Incredible! Grab Your Tissues!

In a perfect world, children would never get sick. They wouldn’t die of diseases, they wouldn’t suffer from genetic conditions, and doctors would know just how to cure them if they happened to be ill. We would devote more our resources to finding ways to prevent diseases from affecting them, and invent ways to prevent them from ever coming back. Sadly, that isn’t the world that we live in. When a child gets sick, everyone suffers for it. When we can’t do anything more, we can at least grant them their one last wish and hope that it will bring them some small amount of happiness before they are taken from us. THIS little boy’s last wish is just too beautiful for words…


I told you that you would need tissues! My makeup is running due to this story! The smallest consolation for this mother is that her son was able to touch the lives of so many people during his short time here on Earth. It will never fill the empty hole in her heart, but she will be able to hold on to these memories for the rest of her life. They will remind her of how wonderful her son was, and that is something that can get a person through even the darkest of times. Oh, goodness, I need to go hug my kids and grab more tissues.

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