A Drunk Man Followed Her To Her Hotel Room. Two Minutes Later, She Received A Phonecall…

Staying safe in an unfamiliar place can be difficult. When someone traveling doesn’t know the people, doesn’t know the city, or even the hotel that they are staying in very well, it can be easier for predators to find easy targets to attack. It’s a sad truth in our society, but it’s something that people need to look out for when they are traveling alone. “Don’t carry your bag loosely on your shoulder,” or “watch the opening on your drink if you’re out alone,” or even, “don’t walk with headphones in.” All of this advice is meant to keep unsuspecting people just a little bit safer from attacks…but sometimes even that advice is not enough.

A guy who seemed totally normal and okay hung out with me and bought me a couple of drinks tonight. We talked a lot, but he insisted that since we’re both married it was only conversation and that’s what he wanted. He got me a couple of strong drinks and after the last one I drunkenly headed up to my room.

Then I noticed he came up to my floor, he was right behind me asking me if we could hang out in one of our rooms. Um, no. I told him that I’m absolutely not okay with that.

About two minutes after I arrived in my room I received a call from the front desk. Someone was concerned after they saw that man, drunk, follow me into the elevator and just wanted to make sure I was okay.

I almost cried on the phone thanking these people for this kind of courtesy. I have never felt so looked out for. Novotel is the best.


Watching out for the signs of a would-be attacker were even more important than trying to avoid an attack in this situation. Luckily for this girl, the simple act of saying “no,” and closing the door was enough to turn this guy away…but the staff at the hotel not only noticed the suspicious behavior, but also wanted to be sure that their guest was alright. I’d assume that if she hadn’t picked up the phone, they would have sent someone to her door or called the police. Either way, good on this hotel for keeping it’s guests safe!

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