A Dog Was Barely Alive After A Month Trapped Between Rocks. People Spent 5 Days Digging Her Out!

In Egypt, a lost dog was discovered trapped between massive concrete blocks. She had fallen in and wasn’t able to get back out. The people who lived nearby organized a system to bring food and water to the dog until they could find a way to get her out, but it wasn’t going well. It was taking weeks to find people willing to help the dog.

In the eyes of the rescue personnel, a little dog stuck between the rocks wasn’t very high on their list of priorities. Human lives came first, but after persistent begging from the community, the fire department was finally able to move in to the rescue.8.4a1

Eventually, the fire department was able to contact a company with the appropriate machinery to slowly and carefully remove the concrete blocks. It took a lot of careful maneuvering and the help of an entire community, but 5 days later, little Rook was finally free of her concrete prison. 8.4a3It was a huge effort that took many man hours and dedication to get the dog free. Some call this a waste of resources: “It’s only a dog.” But animal lovers everywhere were relieved when help was found. Working around the clock to be sure that the dog was fed and didn’t get dehydrated, volunteers cheered when the pup was finally pulled free.8.4a2

One of the women who had come to love the dog after the month-long endeavor adopted the dog immediately, promising to keep her safe and sound.

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