A “Doctor” Injected Her Face With Cement 10 Years Ago! A Team Worked To Fix It, And Now She Loves Her New Look!

Plastic surgery is common practice, and many of the people that you see online have had some form of it done to achieve the looks of their dreams. Botox, lip injections, nips and tucks are being done every day, and many people have no problem letting a professional change the way they look. But sometimes, people trust a doctor just because they call themselves one. They think they are getting a steal – “professional” work at a discount price…and many times, it really is too good to be true. And it quickly ends up as a nightmare scenario.5.17a1

Rajee Narinesingh went to a “pumping party,” where an unlicensed woman named Oneal Ron Morris, now known as the “Toxis Tush Doctor,” pumped Rajee and other women with black market “fillers” made of tire sealant and cement. She had heard of Morris’ work through word-of-mouth, and when the injections didn’t disappear after a few days, she knew that something was wrong.

I felt like a monster, a sideshow circus clown.”5.17a2

Doctors refused to touch the injections, fearing liability at attempting to fix the botched procedure. But ten years later, Dr. John Martin agreed to change Rajee’s life.5.17a3

He put his expertise to the test…and worked miracles. He saved Rajee’s face! It was nearly impossible to correct the damage that had been done a decade earlier, but the results are stunning. She looks like a new woman! She has confidence again, and isn’t afraid to leave the house anymore.5.17a4

As for the monster who ruined her face? She was arrested and charged with manslaughter after one of her “patients” died of complications following a series of butt injections. At least Rajee is able to finally move forward from this horrifying nightmare!

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