A Dirty Old Man Followed Her And Kept Winking At Her On The Road. When She Found Out Why?! It Went Viral.

Staying aware of your surroundings is one of the top ways to stay safe if you’re out running errands on your own. You’re less likely to be bothered by strangers if you aren’t distracted by a phone call or headphones, according to some experts on the subject, but that still won’t stop some people. One girl was on her way to class when she felt that someone was watching her every move…

The straight-laced theology student raced home and quickly parked in her garage. Her mission was to hang the wet wash to dry in the garage and make it back to class before her break ended. She smiled as she hung up the last of the wash. Made it, she thought, proud of her ability to handle more than one thing at a time. She climbed in her car and headed back to class. As she waited at the red light, she thought about her final exams. But a feeling of being watched caused her to glance to her right. The man in the vehicle parallel to hers gave her a devilish smile and winked at her repeatedly. Then he pointed to her car and winked three more times.

Her back stiffened and she stared ahead. The light turned green and the man raced off. Was he trying to pick me up? She thought, shaking her head with disbelief. After many strange looks in her direction from other people, she pulled her car over and checked the tires. Then she spotted the problem. Oh, my goodness, she thought. No wonder he had the wrong idea. She then pulled her dangling wet bra from the antenna.

Don’t dry your laundry where you park your car! Thankfully, neither of these things is really an issue in today’s world, but I clearly remember a time when this could have easily happened to me or someone I knew! Now, antennas go up and down on their own, and dryers are so much more affordable, too! It still made me chuckle. Being aware of your surroundings could have helped this girl…if she had only paid attention!

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