A Deputy Found Suspicious Envelopes In A Plastic Bag Near A Bus Stop. When He Found The Rightful Owner? AMAZING!

A few plastic bags were found near a bus stop by a deputy. The bags caught his eye, and when he searched through them, he found over $5,500.00 inside of a Wells Fargo envelope. There was no name on any of it.

Later, another envelope was turned in by a concerned citizen. The envelope was the same as the ones that had been left in the bags, and also was without a name. This second envelope had $4,000.00 in it.


When they searched the bags again, a detective discovered a receipt from a clothing store inside. They decided that it was a long shot, but followed up anyway! They were able to pull surveillance footage that clearly showed the face of the man carrying the bags. They handed the picture out to every deputy and hoped that someone might recognize him.

Surprisingly, one deputy recognized a man drinking a cup of coffee. The man was homeless, and claimed that he had inherited the money from a relative. He left the bags by the bus stop on accident, clearly not used to having more than just the clothing on his back.

The deputy confirmed the story with the man’s bank, and gladly returned it! The man chose to remain anonymous, but intends to use the money to travel back to his hometown up North and try to get back on his feet!

…it felt very good. I felt relief. There are people out there that do care.”

Wow! I am so happy for this man! I have to wonder how he could possibly forget that many items at a bus stop, though…

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