A Deployed Soldier Received A Letter From A Child…That Revealed A CHILLING Secret!

Many young students are encouraged to write letters to deployed soldiers overseas. It not only gives them practice in writing and constructing letters, it can boost the spirits of soldiers fighting for the freedoms of these very children. Some classes are given a strict dialogue to copy, and others are given free reign in what sentiments they would like to pass along to the soldiers.

On one occasion, a soldier received a letter from a little boy named Chris, who had a haunting revelation to reveal at the end of his letter!


In case you aren’t able to make out his adorable writing:

Dear Robert,

Thank you for leaving your family to help protect America. My name is Christopher. I love video games! Hope you have a merry Christmas. We’re all proud of your bravery!



P.S. I’m a vampire.”

We have no idea why Chris would share such a delicate secret, but we’re glad he did! It gave us all a good laugh – especially the soldier who received it! The cheery holiday stickers and candy canes really drive this letter home. “I’m a vampire, but thanks for protecting America.” Ah, kids. I hope he sees this viral photo when he gets older and can have a good laugh, too!

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