A Deaf Ohio Teen Is About To Graduate High School…With A Diploma And A SECOND College Degree!

In Galion, Ohio, 17-year-old Kate Croteau has already received her associate’s degree in psychology. She’s working on her second degree at North Central State College…and all before her high school graduation ceremony! While she only has partial hearing, she hasn’t let that stop her from pushing forward towards her dreams.

Why? A lot of people want to know what would drive a high school student to pursue an education while still getting one.

“I was bored.” She says. She was already familiar with the material and her academic needs weren’t being met. At the age of 14, she began taking classes online simultaneously from a high school and a college. She was able to complete months worth of work over a single weekend. 5.10a12

There was no additional cost to the family because the college courses were funded through her public education.

Being deaf, she grew up without any sort of speech therapy and relied on her parents for her instruction. But she wants to help other children to gain access to the help that they need in order to succeed in a hearing world.

People in the deaf community “can do everything a hearing person can do, except hear.” She says with passion.

She plans to major in speech pathology and minor in deaf education. She has also started a club on campus called “Hands Held High” for anyone who wants to become more familiar with deaf culture.

She is inspiring other young people to do the same!

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