A Customer Overhears What This Guy Says About His Wife And Shares It Online. Yes, It Went VIRAL!

“Love” is a word that we throw around a lot these days. “I love this sweater!” or “I love that restaurant!” or “I love my phone!” Seriously, the amount of times people say the word “love” in a day is pretty staggering. After saying it so often, it might start to lose its meaning. I can say that I love my house, or I love my favorite TV show, but most people will just automatically interpret that as “I really like this thing” instead of the romantic way it was meant to be said. So when a random guy overhears this conversation, he doesn’t get it at first…but by the end, it changed his attitude towards what it means to truly love someone.


Wow. Just…wow. He poured his heart out to his friend, and the way he described their relationship was truly inspiring. But here’s the most AMAZING thing about this man’s story: not once did he use the word “love” to describe his relationship with his wife. He used it to describe his belief in God, but not ever about his wife. Why? Because his actions spoke so much louder than that one, small word. He loved his wife so much that he didn’t even need to say the words. THAT is incredible.

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