A Customer Finally Made Use Of The “Add Comments” Section…But Not To Define Their Order!

It was 8:25 p.m. when the staff at Feeley’s received an order for delivery. It was marked as ASAP, which meant that this order would be bumped ahead of all the rest. Usually, customers leave the comment section blank. Sometimes, they will specify that they have an allergy or would prefer to substitute one item for another. But on this occasion, a lengthy plea was written on this dreary Friday night by Fiona Cuffe, a woman who was feeling terrible.

She had no one to send to┬áthe drug store to purchase cold medication…but she had a feeling that the delivery driver from her local Fish & Chips joint wouldn’t mind doing the extra favor! She typed in the brand she that she needed and wasn’t surprised when the driver showed up to save the night.

Only the best service here at Feeley’s

p.s. get well soon”

They responded on social media, thanking Cuffe for trusting them to help her out in her time of need! The driver picked up her medication and delivered her food in record time!

The manager at the restaurant has told her that as soon as she is feeling better, she can have a bite to eat on the house!

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