A Crossing Guard STOPS An Attempted Kidnapping. “Super Heroes Come In Small Packages”

She was doing her job as a crossing guard for an elementary school in Los Angeles, California when a little girl began to scream for help. Adrian Young, who is just four feet eight inches tall, knew that she had to help, even if it meant risking her own safety.

The little girl just started screaming, she was like, ‘Please, don’t let her take me, I don’t know her, she’s not my mom!'”

Young grabbed the girl and told her not to let go. While they were both small, the woman trying to abduct the child was larger than both of them and began to attack the crossing guard. Young kept the attack focused on her to protect the child.

10-3a11Her mothering instincts kicked in and was not going to let this little girl be taken, no matter what. She and the girl described the woman to the police, who later arrested and charged her with attempted kidnapping, setting her bail at $100,000.

The child’s mother is grateful that the crossing guard helped her, but is angry at the school for not doing their part to keep her daughter safe. She thinks that schools officials just “didn’t care” because everything turned out okay. She thinks there need to be more safeguards in place because next time, there might not be someone there to help.


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