A Creepy Guy Tried To Get Bikini Pics From Her…Her Brother Took Them Instead!

Tess was just looking to sell this bikini and make a quick buck – it was only $5 for a nice quality suit, after all! She thought it would be sold quickly…but not before she got a creepy message from a grown man asking to see it on her body. There was really no reason for him to ask other than to be a jerk. When her brother saw the comment, he grabbed her phone and decided to take matters into his own hands!He took a few pictures to really enhance the versatility and quality of the swimsuit and sent them to the man. Unsurprisingly, the man didn’t respond. Perhaps he realized that a size Small bikini wasn’t going to fit him after all. Tess was so impressed with her brother’s quick thinking that she immediately shared it with Facebook…where it viral in a matter of hours! Over 30,000 people thought he was the coolest brother ever. They also hoped that stories like this one would help to stop creepy guys from being weirdos on the internet. While it is unlikely to happen, that strange man will at least pause to remember the time he asked for slinky pictures and received these instead, and maybe…just maybe, it’ll make him think twice about harassing young women again.

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